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My Birthday/Tonight’s TWD Premier

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So, a couple of days ago was my birthday. On Friday, I turned 57 years old. Sometimes, it is so hard to believe that I am as old as I am. In my mind, I don’t feel old at all, but the mysterious aches and pains in my joints and bones remind me that I am certainly no longer a Spring Chicken! lol I am just happy that I continue to be blessed with waking up to face another day!


Tonight is finally the premier of The Walking Dead, Season 7! This is a highly anticipated episode and if you are a fan of the show, I KNOW that you know just how exciting this is! All of us fans of the show have been waiting anxiously for the next episode ever since the last episode of Season 6 aired over 6 1/2 months ago, way back on April 3rd.


As a fan, I already know that one – or more – of our “beloved” characters is going to die in this episode. I have an idea who it may be, but I just hope it’s not either of my personal favorites, who have been a part of the cast since the show started! We sit and wait for a few more hours, then we will know……..I think!


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