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Election Day in the USA

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So, today is the day! The long awaited election day here in the USA! After today, there will be no more candidates and no more campaigning – at least not until the 2020 election cycle begins.

Come tomorrow morning, we should know who our next president for the next four years will be. I know that no matter what the outcome is, there will be many who will disapprove of the choice that is made. If the craziness that has accompanied the campaign trail on both sides over the past year is any indication, I am afraid that there may be more riots and protests yet to come. I really hope that I am way off base and that none of this comes true! There has been enough violence associated with this election it certainly does not need to be continued!


No matter who wins the election, the person I voted for or another candidate, I will support the chosen person as my President for as long as they are in office. Holding a grudge will not help this country in any way. ONLY Unity can help heal some of the wounds that have been heaped upon this country and its citizen of the past few years.  Personally, what I hope for is that whoever ends up in office will run this country to the best of their ability, with humility, dignity and morality and that they will uphold the Constitutional Laws of this country.

In closing, I would just like to say that there is no way that this country can return to the greatness that it once had as long as we, as a people, continue to fight among ourselves and let ourselves be divided by the will of others.

NO ONE can MAKE you Feel or Do Anything than You are Unwilling to Go Along With!!