We’re In the Money, Again….Well, Mostly!


My husband (MR) had lost his previous job early in July, through no fault of his own.  He was unfairly let go because he is a diabetic & the Safety Coordinator at the plant where he was working took it upon himself to determine that my husband’s medical condition could possibly pose a safety risk to himself or other employees. To our knowledge, the man who made this determination has never had any sort of medical training in order to be in a position to determine such a thing, nor had MR ever caused, or ever came close to causing, any sort of safety issues during the six months that he was employed there.  But, all of that is now water under the bridge & the subject for another blog post.

MR received a call today that he is to report for training & orientation tomorrow at 9:00 am!  So, yea! After nearly a month without any income, we will have a steady paycheck coming again, starting sometime later this month.  Thank goodness, too, as we are literally scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to pay the utility bills, the insurance premiums & keep us in bare minimum necessities, like food & toiletries.

MR had put an application in with this company about two weeks ago & had been called in for an interview several days later.  The interview had gone really well & the position sounds like it could end up being very promising. The lady who interviewed him was so impressed with him that she has sent him to get his drug testing done immediately after the interview.  He had just been waiting on the results of the drug test and background check to come in.  Of course, we were not concerned about the results of either of those tests to come back with anything but totally clean results.

The problem is, the position he has been offered starts out at a much lower wage & with less hours that will result in a bring home pay of less than what we actually need in order to cover all of the bills.  Hopefully, we can hold out & somehow make ends meet until he is moved into the management position that he has been promised, which will have more hours & pay enough for us to be able to cover all of our monthly expenses. Heck, we may even be able to have a couple of nickles left over at the end of the month!! Whoo Hoo!

So, here’s hoping that things are starting to turn around for us! I really hope that everything will work out for MR & that he will like the people he will be working with and that they will like him AND treat him with respect!!  Keeping my fingers crossed!

Who Doesn’t Like a Little SWAG??


It seems like these days many folks are having to tighten up on their spending in order to make ends meet.  A lot of us seem to have the severely acute condition of “More Month than Money.”  In order to help alleviate this condition in my household, I have been using a website called SwagBucks for more than a couple of years now. I can truthfully say that SwagBucks is a 100% legitimate website & VERY easy to earn with!!

How it Works: You accumulate “SwagBucks” for doing online activities such as using their (Yahoo-based) Search Engine, answering surveys, watching short video clips, shopping online, clipping & redeeming coupons and so much more!!

What You Get: You redeem the SwagBucks for Amazon, Paypal, Target, Stabucks or Walmart Gift Cards (just to name a few choices) or a host of other Physical Gifts of YOUR choosing from categories such as Apparel, Electronics, Health & Beauty, Music & Entertainment, Sports & Outdoors, as well as others!

I have been redeeming my SwagBucks for $25.00 Amazon & Walmart Gift Cards.  I have been able to accumulate enough points to earn one $25.00 Gift Card almost monthly! Not too shabby of a deal for things I would be doing online anyway.

You can join SwagBucks directly, but I would get a few extra SwagBucks from anyone joining using my referral link. If you would like to help me out, I would love to send you my referral link for you to use when you join.  Just leave me a comment & I will get with you about the link. Thanks!!

I will be looking for MORE ways to save & earn a little money online or with apps on your phone.  I will share these with you once I know that the programs are solid and legit.

Until next time……

In the Beginning……….

I have always wanted to try my hand at writing a blog, so THIS is IT! I figure, what the heck, I LOVE to talk, so why not blog! 🙂

Let me introduce myself – My name is Kat & I live in the great state Texas!  I am married to my Best Friend! Both my husband & myself are cat-lovers.  We share our hearts & our home with our kitty fur-babies.  All of our kitties are rescues from the streets. Cats always seem to know that we are “Cat People” & just show up at our house.

Life has pretty much always been a week to week financial struggle for us, but we manage to get by. We don’t have it as hard as a lot of folks, but we definitely do not have an easy time of it, either.

So, this will just be me sharing my experiences as I travel along this path called Life. I hope that some of you will want to come along & share this journey with me.

My personal blog about This and That such as Practical and Helpful Tips useful in every day life, Cooking and Baking, Consumer Product Reviews, Historical Tidbits, and my personal Miscellaneous Musings about just about anything!! Every day I try my best to live by these wise and simple words: “Do the right thing, be nice, and don’t be a jerk”. I hope that I am successful at carrying out this simplistic, yet not-always-easy-to-accomplish task!

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