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Damage Repairing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

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I have been using argan oil shampoo for a couple of months now and it has definitely improved my hair. I have always had rather fine hair that is prone to breakage. The use of argan oil shampoo has helped to strengthen the hair strands and greatly reduce the breakage that I had experienced previously. It also has reduced the normal amount of hair that I lose when I brush or wash my hair.


This particular argan oil shampoo comes packaged in a convenient pump top bottle. The medium-thick white shampoo does have a scent to it. It is not an overpowering scent and it is not offensive. I would say that the scent is moderate and after using my normal hair conditioner, I could no longer detect the scent of the shampoo. This shampoo leaves my hair very soft and with a healthy shine.


This shampoo lathers up well making a creamy, rich lather. It was very easy to rinse from my hair and it didn’t feel as if any residue was left behind. I have been pleased with the quality of this argan oil shampoo. I received this product at no cost in exchange for this review. All statements made in this review in regard to this product, represent my own genuine and honest opinions.


  Damage Repairing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

Minty Cool Facial Mask

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Beauty Facial Extreme Clay Mint Healing Mask Kat's This and That Blog

The clay mint healing mask is such a refreshing product. The first thing you will notice when you remove the lid from the container is the pretty green color of the mask. I have used many different types of clay masks, but I have never had one that was green in color before! My husband likes to tease me about my “She Hulk” green face or make other silly green-related remarks when I use the mask! lol Men can be so silly sometimes! 😀

Beauty Facial Extreme Clay Mint Healing Mask Kat's This and That Blog

When I applied the mask to my face, it smoothed onto my skin very easily. I could feel the cooling effect of the mint contained within the mask. I was surprised by the cooling effect because, even though it IS a mint healing mask, I couldn’t smell any mint. Apparently, the mint IS in there! I allowed the mask to completely dry, which took about 20 minutes. It was very easy to wash off with warm water and a clean wash cloth. My skin felt very refreshed and clean afterwards.

Beauty Facial Extreme Clay Mint Healing Mask Kat's This and That Blog


I really like this clay healing mask and have enjoyed using it. It made my skin feel tighter and firmer without feeling too dry.  It almost felt like getting a spa treatment at home! Ahhhhhh 🙂

Beauty Facial Extreme Clay Mint Healing Mask Kat's This and That Blog

Beauty Facial Extreme Clay Mint Healing Facial Mask

Gently Exfoliate Your Face & Body With This 100% Natural Sponge

Shirataki Sponge1

I just reviewed a wonderful palm-sized facial cleansing sponge. This Eco-Friendly Oval Shaped Shirataki Sponge from Nothing But Skin Care is WONDERFUL! The first thing you will notice when you open the package is that the sponge arrives damp. That is perfectly normal. When the sponge dries out, it does become very hard, but will resume it’s soft, gel-like feel once it is wet again. There is a little string that is attached to the sponge that can be utilized to hang it after use.

Shirataki SpongeIt is 100% natural & hypo-allergenic. The oval shape of the sponge fits in my hand very well and makes it very easy to hold, even when wet & with soapy cleanser on it. I really LOVE the soft, gel-like feel of this sponge in my hands. Even though the sponge feels soft, it has just enough roughness to it to really exfoliate your skin very well.

It is nice to know that this sponge is backed by a No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee, if I don’t like it for any reason. However, I DO really like this sponge & do not plan on having to need to utilize the guarantee. This product is also biodegradable, so when it is no longer useful, it will not end up just taking up space in a landfill. I have been VERY impressed with this sponge and I like it very much. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great exfoliating, that is natural, biodegradable AND 100% guaranteed!!


Shirataki Konjac Facial and Body Sponge

Uncover Softer, Smoother Feet With Very Little Effort!

Pretty Feet

Both my husband and I are totally in love with our new PediBunny Electric Callus Remover and Foot File. My husband has always had rough dry calluses on his feet, especially on his heels. He has always used a basic corn and callus scraper, the type that that basically resembles a cheese grater. I don’t really have any corns or calluses, but I do get dry, rough skin on the soles of my feel from going barefoot most of the time.

Neither of us had ever used a mechanical callus remover and foot file before, so we had no idea what to expect. We both have been very happy with the results we have obtained from using this product. I am very sensitive to using anything on my feet, but this little device was very gentle yet worked like a charm! It took away the roughness on my soles and made my feet very soft & smooth. No more rough skin “catching” on my socks or on the bed sheets. My husband has also been very pleased with his results from using the PediBunny. He is able to remove the rough skin from his heels so much easier and faster than before.

I highly recommend the PediBunny to anyone who wants to experience softer, smoother skin on the heels & soles of their feet, with very little effort!


PediBunny Rechargeable Callus Remover

The BEST Thing We Have EVER Come Across for Aching Feet!!


My husband works for 8 hours a day at a large retail store unloading trucks & stocking shelves. He is also a suffers from Peripheral Neuropathy pains.

For those who may not know, Peripheral Neuropathy is nerve damage in the extremities, which can be caused by various things, including Type 2 Diabetes, as in my husband’s case. My husband’s Peripheral Neuropathy causes him to have stabbing and shooting pains in his feet.

These HydroFeet Liquid Massaging Orthotic Insoles have worked wonders in giving him relief from the Peripheral Neuropathy pains! The insoles are precisely filled with a vegetable based, pharmaceutical grade, FDA approved glycerin. This Premium Dynamic Fluid Orthotic supports the arch, while providing cushioning, massage, and a variable, ever-changing surface for standing, walking, and light impact sports.

My husband has told me that not only does his feet not feel tired after a hard day’s work, but he has been suffering much less pain from the neuropathy in the soles of his feet and in his toes. He has compared the feeling of the massaging action of the insoles to walking while wearing Moon Shoes!

Other conditions that can be relieved by using these insoles include sore feet, poor circulation in the feet, corns and calluses on the feet and toes, back pain, heel pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, and Morton’s neuroma.

If you suffer from any of these conditions, you owe it to yourself to get some of these insoles.  I am sure that you will really glad that you did.  My husband has really been pleased with the soothing, relatively pain free results he has received since using these insoles.


HydroFeet Dynamic Liquid Massaging Orthotic Insoles

Goodbye August, Hello September

Goodbye August

Well, today is September 1st.  The unofficial end of summer will be this weekend, with Labor Day on Monday.  In the coming weeks, the leaves will begin to change color & fall to the ground, covering the landscape in a beautiful multi-hued blanket. The weather will finally start to cool back down from the scorching hot triple digit degree days of July and August.

School is back in session & football season is once again upon us.  Soon our thoughts will turn to cooler weather, pumpkins & Halloween! Then, quickly on to the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays, which will be here before you know it!

It will be easy to become stressed with all there is to do in the Autumn, such as rake leaves, host football parties, as well as ready our homes for the winter and decorate for the various holidays.  I recently came across the most Wonderful little device! A Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Pillow!  Oh my goodness! This little gem is like having your own private masseuse, but BETTER because the pillow will not cost you an arm and a leg.   Additionally, this massager pillow comes with both a car adapter and an electrical plug, so it can be used in the car, as well as at home.


The massager balls work like well-skilled fingers, working the tension out of tired, sore muscles.  First the balls will rotate in one direct, then it will switch to the other direction & then back again.  This device also can be used with or without the heat setting.  I have thoroughly been enjoying mine!


This wonderful device is not only therapeutic to use for yourself, but would make an awesome gift for anyone on your gift-giving list.  I highly recommend this massaging pillow to anyone who would like the experience of a relaxing spa massage without the spa price!


Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Pillow