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Cute Coin Purse with Colorful Print

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I used to have a wallet that had a zippered pouch for coin money, but I was given a new wallet as a gift. I love my new wallet, but it does not have a place for coins. I was really missing my place for coin storage. This little coin purse is exactly what I was looking for. It has been working perfectly to fill my need!


The colorful flowers and butterfly print is very nice and clear. Measuring 5 inches wide and 4 ½ inches deep, this coin purse has plenty of room to hold coins, cards, receipts, lists, photos, or whatever else you may need to put in it. The metal twist snap clasp closure holds firmly, but it very easy to open and close.


I recommend this handy little purse for anyone looking for a very economically priced clutch. I purchased this item at the regular price at which it was offered for personal use. I did NOT receive any type of promotional discount in exchange for this review. All statements made in this review in regard to this product, represent my own genuine and honest opinions.


Women’s Butterfly Coin Purse Clutch

Small in Size But Big on Capabilities


I know that I am VERY behind in the technology area, but this device is the first one of its kind that I have owned. I never owned a MP3 player or any other digital music/video player before. So, I did have a bit of a learning curve when it came to figuring out how to operate and use this device. For someone who has never been exposed to or used such a device, this one is fairly straight forward with its operation.


For its compact, diminutive size, I am very impressed with everything that you can do with this device! The overall measurements of this digital player is approximately 2 ¾ inch tall and 2 inches wide and a mere ¼ inch thick. The visual screen is about 2 inches. This device weighs just slightly over 3 ounces.


With this tiny little player, you can download and play music, video, voice record, store photos, receive and listen to FM radio, as well as store e-books and games. With a 16 gig memory, you will a lot of space to store quite a bit of digital downloads. The video quality and music sound quality are both very good, in my opinion. I have been very pleased with the look, ease of use and performance of this player.


Blue Mini MP4 Player with 16 GB Memory

Stylish Umbrella Made With High Quality Materials


This stylish umbrella is not some lightweight, cheaply made umbrella. It is very well made of quality materials and of substantial weight. The umbrella weighs slightly over one pound. It is about 13 inches long from end to end, when folded down. The canopy measures about 3 ½ feet across when opened. The ribs are made from an alloy metal, not aluminum. This is adequately large enough to provide sufficient coverage for you plus another person and anything you may need to carry, such as a backpack or a bag of groceries, while out in the rain.


The comfortable rubberized non-slip handle gives you a very good grip, even in the rain. This umbrella is very easy to open and close with a single push button operation. Once closed, the umbrella tucked away very nicely in its own slide on cover bag.


I am very pleased with the high quality and excellent performance of this umbrella. I keep this umbrella handily tucked away under my front seat of my car in case I get caught out in the rain unexpectedly.


Gloue Travel Umbrella

Snap Together Stacking Compartmental Lunch Box with Utensils


We are really impressed with the Bento Lunch Box. It is not only practical and roomy, but is also looks awesome! I ordered the blue set and it really looks so nice in person. This great lunchbox is made with non-toxic, food grade Polypropylene and silicone. This makes for a very sturdy, yet resilient, box that will not be broken easily.


This set includes two containers that stack and fit together. One container has dividers that form three inner compartments, while the other container does not have any dividers. There is a small third thin layer than contains the 3-piece utensil set, which includes a plastic knife, fork and spoon. The utensils are made of much thicker plastic than normal disposable utensils.


The entire lunch box stacks together and is held together with a cover that clicks into place on two sides.  My husband used this box to take his lunch in every day last week and he really likes it!


Bento Lunchbox

Every Driver Should Have This Compact Digital Tire Pressure Gauge


The Ryder Tools Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is a very handle gadget for anyone who drives a vehicle to have on hand. It is very ergonomic and fits in your hand quite well. The finger grooves and non-slip surface are designed to help provide a firm grip on the gauge. This gauge is battery operated, which the battery is included. The gauge comes out of the package ready to use.


This tire pressure gauge is simple to us. Remove the tire’s valve stem cap, press the button to turn on the tire gauge and attach the gauge to the valve stem. The easy-to-read digital readout is instantaneous. After 30 seconds of non-use, the automatic shut off will turn off the gauge.


This is a great, compact, easy to use tire gauge that everyone should have keep their car in the console or glove compartment. I am very pleased with the ease of use & functionality of this product.


Digital Tire Pressure Gauge