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Adjustable Metric Measuring Spoon

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Being an avid cook and baker, I have been coming across more and more recipes that have ingredient measurements give in metric units. Yes, you can convert milliliters and grams to American Standard units, but the conversions are not 100% precise. On some recipes, using precise amounts of various ingredients can literally make your recipe a culinary delight or culinary disaster!


This adjustable metric measuring spoon has both the milliliters and grams in measurement markings. The graduated units range from 0.5 ml/g up to 13 ml/g. For those who may not know, 1 ml = 1 gram. Softly push or pull the slides to adjust to the proper measurement needed.



This handy metric measuring spoon will make it much easier for me to use recipes given in metric units because now I will not have to figure out the conversions first and my ingredient measurements can be 100% correct!

Adjustable Metric Measuring Spoon

If You Use Knives, You NEED This!

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3-Piece Regnus Knife Sharpening Stone Kit

This double-sided sharpening stone is much larger and much nicer than what I was expecting! First off, this is no little lightweight item. Oh, no no no! This sharpening stone and its accompanying wooden base weighs in at just over 2 pounds and 3 ounces! In addition to the double-sided sharpening stone and wooden base, 2 rubber pads are also included. These pads fit on each large side of the stone (the top and bottom) to help protect its edges from chips during use and storage.


The sharpening stone is made from corundum. Corundum is a very hard and dense oxide mineral, of the hematite group, that is commonly used as an abrasive. This large double-sided sharpening is comprised of two sides sandwiched together. The coarser 1000 grit side is used to remove nicks and sharpens the blade’s edge and the smoother 6000 grit side completes the sharpening process by removing any burrs and finishing out the edge.


You will not believe the difference in your knives. Once freshly sharpened, they will handle and perform as well – or even better – than they did when they were new. Keep in mind that the duller a knife is, the longer it will take to restore a sharp edge. Once you have sharpened your knives, be mindful of how sharp they are and handle them accordingly, as to avoid any injuries.


I am very happy with everything about this sharpening stone. It’s great to have my knives returned to being the sharp kitchen tools that I depend on daily.



Regnus Double-sided Sharpening Stone

Snap Together Stacking Compartmental Lunch Box with Utensils


We are really impressed with the Bento Lunch Box. It is not only practical and roomy, but is also looks awesome! I ordered the blue set and it really looks so nice in person. This great lunchbox is made with non-toxic, food grade Polypropylene and silicone. This makes for a very sturdy, yet resilient, box that will not be broken easily.


This set includes two containers that stack and fit together. One container has dividers that form three inner compartments, while the other container does not have any dividers. There is a small third thin layer than contains the 3-piece utensil set, which includes a plastic knife, fork and spoon. The utensils are made of much thicker plastic than normal disposable utensils.


The entire lunch box stacks together and is held together with a cover that clicks into place on two sides.  My husband used this box to take his lunch in every day last week and he really likes it!


Bento Lunchbox

These Nonstick Silicone Coated Fiberglass Baking Mats Are GREAT!

My set of 3 Zigabob Professional Nonstick Silicone Coated Fiberglass Baking Mats are literally a kitchen marvel! They are going to save me so much money because now I can just use one of these mats instead of lining a sheet pan with foil or using a cooking spray. Since these mats come in two sizes, I have one for each of the two sheet pans that I use all of the time. Plus there is a third mat, in the larger size.

There are so many uses for these for these mats. They work great for baking cookies on. The cookies just slide right off. No stuck cookies, no messy pan! They work great to catch any spills or bubble overs from pies or casseroles. For baking frozen pizza, just place a mat on your pan underneath the pizza and bake, as usual. No pizza crust sticking to the pan or burnt on cheese!

These mats even work great on the counter top to work your dough on. Whether rolling out dough for biscuits or cookies or working bread dough, just use one of the mats and the dough will not stick & the clean-up is a snap! I have really enjoyed using the mats. Since these mats seem to be very well made, I am sure that I will get to continue using them for some time to come.

Zigabob Silicone Cooking Mats

Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Grinder Mills Are Stylishly Functional

Kitchen Classique S&P

My new Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Mill Pair are as functional as they are stylishly modern. Each mill is comprised of a clear glass base with a brushed stainless steel top which houses a ceramic grinder. The mills come apart in the center of the by unscrewing the top stainless steel grinder portion from the bottom glass portion. The mouth of the glass jar part is very wide, allowing for easy filling with coarse salt or peppercorns, as well as easier access for cleaning.

Kitchen Classique S&P

To use, simply turn the unit upside down. With the glass bottom on top, grip the stainless steel portion and turn the glass portion. This action will dispense the ground product. By adjusting the knob in the center of the grinder, you can control how coarse or how fine the salt or pepper being dispensed will be. The included stand increases the beauty and functionality of this pair of mills. The stand not only keeps the pair together as a tidy set, but helps to make them easily portable, as well.

Kitchen Classique S&P

These high-quality, well-made Salt and Pepper Grinder Mills should provide me with many years of service. I am very satisfied with both the look and the performance of these mills.


Stainless Steel Slat & Pepper Grinder Mills

I Love My New Colorful Silicone Kitchen Tools!

4pc Silicone Utensils

One of my latest reviews was for a Set of 4 Devine Delights Silicone Cooking Utensils. In my normal daily cooking, I have truly have enjoyed using these tools. The 4-piece set includes a Red Spoon, an Orange Spatula, a Green Brush, and a Multi-Colored Whisk. I really enjoy the bright colors! They add such a fun pop of color to my counter top kitchen utensil holder!

4pc Silicone Utensils

These tools are each very well made with a sturdy, well balanced feel. They are not too light weight or thin at all! They are made of silicone, so they are flexible, yet quite sturdy. Being made of silicone they do not slip in your hand, plus they are heat, stain and odor resistant. These tools clean up super easy in soap & water! I can see myself using & enjoying this set for many years to come!

4pc Silicone Utensils

So far, I have been very pleased with the performance of each of these high quality utensils! It is good to know that these utensils are covered by a No Questions Asked 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back 1 Year Guarantee. I doubt that I would ever have to actually use the guarantee, but its always nice to know that it IS there, just in case.


Divine Delights Silicone Cooking Utensils

A Cutting Board That is Beautiful, Functional & Sustainably Eco-Friendly!

Zesty Nest Cutting Board

Today, I reviewed this really nice cutting board, made by ZestyNest. Not only does this well made cutting board look beautiful, it is an ultra-hygienic, naturally anti-microbial, and eco-friendly product.

Although this looks like a nice, typical, two-tone hardwood cutting board, this one is actually constructed from the finest Moso Bamboo. Moso Bamboo  is one of the fastest growing bamboo sources on earth. Bamboo is actually a grass, which makes this an abundant, easily sustainable organic resource.

This cutting board is quite sturdy, yet very much lighter in weight, as compared to a standard hardwood cutting board of similar size. This cutting board measures 11” Wide by 15” Long by ½” Thick. It features a drip edge that runs all the way around to help catch juices from running off of the edge of the board. Bamboo is naturally water repellent and doesn’t absorb water the way most other hardwoods can. Therefore, when you clean this cutting board, your cutting board is receiving a thorough and sanitary cleaning.

Since bamboo is a grass, this cutting board will resist nicks & cuts. Additionally, because this cutting board is made from bamboo, it will prolong the sharpness of your knife by not dulling it as quickly as a cutting on a traditional hardwood cutting board does.


Zesty Nest Bamboo Cutting Board