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Stylish Umbrella Made With High Quality Materials


This stylish umbrella is not some lightweight, cheaply made umbrella. It is very well made of quality materials and of substantial weight. The umbrella weighs slightly over one pound. It is about 13 inches long from end to end, when folded down. The canopy measures about 3 ½ feet across when opened. The ribs are made from an alloy metal, not aluminum. This is adequately large enough to provide sufficient coverage for you plus another person and anything you may need to carry, such as a backpack or a bag of groceries, while out in the rain.


The comfortable rubberized non-slip handle gives you a very good grip, even in the rain. This umbrella is very easy to open and close with a single push button operation. Once closed, the umbrella tucked away very nicely in its own slide on cover bag.


I am very pleased with the high quality and excellent performance of this umbrella. I keep this umbrella handily tucked away under my front seat of my car in case I get caught out in the rain unexpectedly.


Gloue Travel Umbrella

Convenient & Portable Fabric Storage Cubes


These Aristocrat folding storage cubes are made very well. They are constructed with sturdy cardboard covered by a thick, durable, canvas-type fabric. Although these cubes are very sturdy, they are also very lightweight and easy to carry. The have handles on each side for easier carrying. Each cube measures 11.5 inches wide by 11.5 inches tall by 11.5 inches across – so they are a true cube! These cubes fold flat very quickly and easily for storage, when not in use.


I am using these cubes in the truck of my car to hold groceries and other items that I pick up while out shopping. Not only can I keep my purchases organized and together so they do not slide and spill out in the trunk, the cubes also make it very easy for me to carry in a lot of things all at once, cutting down on the number of trips that I must make between the house & the car when taking everything in. I am VERY happy with these storage cubes!!


Aristocrat Foldable Fabric Storage Cubes, 2-Pack

Every Driver Should Have This Compact Digital Tire Pressure Gauge


The Ryder Tools Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is a very handle gadget for anyone who drives a vehicle to have on hand. It is very ergonomic and fits in your hand quite well. The finger grooves and non-slip surface are designed to help provide a firm grip on the gauge. This gauge is battery operated, which the battery is included. The gauge comes out of the package ready to use.


This tire pressure gauge is simple to us. Remove the tire’s valve stem cap, press the button to turn on the tire gauge and attach the gauge to the valve stem. The easy-to-read digital readout is instantaneous. After 30 seconds of non-use, the automatic shut off will turn off the gauge.


This is a great, compact, easy to use tire gauge that everyone should have keep their car in the console or glove compartment. I am very pleased with the ease of use & functionality of this product.


Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Well Designed, Highly Functional Car Organizer

Auto Trash Bag

I recently received a great Automobile Trash Bag by MyAlfredo. Not only is this a super functional item, but it is very stylish, as well. Although it is labeled as a “trash can”, I do not plan on using it for that purpose. I intend on using it more for organization & storage purposes. There is ample room in this product for plenty of storage. The outer fabric seems to be made of some type of high quality canvas. The main pocket has a waterproof liner.

There is a larger zippered pocket on the front, large enough to hold several CDs or DVDs. There are mesh pouches on either side for water bottles, etc. My husband & I LOVE the tissue holder, since we ALWAYS carry a box of tissues in the car. Now, we have a specific place to store them! The tissue pouch is attached by a very thick, sturdy Velcro strip. So, it is easy to remove, should you not want to utilize it.

Auto Trash Bag 1

The trash can unit is super easy to install & took me less than a minute to put in. It attaches to the back of the front seat by placing a strap over and around the head rest. There is another strap with a hook located on the bottom of the unit that you use to secure it to the bottom of the seat. This keeps the unit from moving around and keeps it steady. I am very pleased with this high quality product and I am sure that it will serve me well for many years to come.


Premium Car Trash Bin

Goodbye August, Hello September

Goodbye August

Well, today is September 1st.  The unofficial end of summer will be this weekend, with Labor Day on Monday.  In the coming weeks, the leaves will begin to change color & fall to the ground, covering the landscape in a beautiful multi-hued blanket. The weather will finally start to cool back down from the scorching hot triple digit degree days of July and August.

School is back in session & football season is once again upon us.  Soon our thoughts will turn to cooler weather, pumpkins & Halloween! Then, quickly on to the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays, which will be here before you know it!

It will be easy to become stressed with all there is to do in the Autumn, such as rake leaves, host football parties, as well as ready our homes for the winter and decorate for the various holidays.  I recently came across the most Wonderful little device! A Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Pillow!  Oh my goodness! This little gem is like having your own private masseuse, but BETTER because the pillow will not cost you an arm and a leg.   Additionally, this massager pillow comes with both a car adapter and an electrical plug, so it can be used in the car, as well as at home.


The massager balls work like well-skilled fingers, working the tension out of tired, sore muscles.  First the balls will rotate in one direct, then it will switch to the other direction & then back again.  This device also can be used with or without the heat setting.  I have thoroughly been enjoying mine!


This wonderful device is not only therapeutic to use for yourself, but would make an awesome gift for anyone on your gift-giving list.  I highly recommend this massaging pillow to anyone who would like the experience of a relaxing spa massage without the spa price!


Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Pillow