Great Household Tool!

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This spin mop cleaning system is very nice! It does help make the chore of mopping the floor a little bit easier! In the box, you will find the specially designed spin mop bucket, the 2 part mop handle with mop head attachment, 2 mop heads, and the instruction booklet. Putting everything together and setting up is pretty straightforward and didn’t take much effort. The mop head is very easy to pop on and off of the attachment that connects to the handle.


All of the components of this system are sturdy and well made, yet not overly heavy. The buck holds a sufficient amount of water and is not flimsy at all when it has water in it. The bucket does have nice wheels and a built in handle which are very convenient for moving it around while mopping and from room to room. The bucket also has a very sturdy handle that runs across the top which helps when emptying and rinsing the bucket.

All of the spinning parts rotate very smoothly and easily yet does not cause the bucket to dip to one side or show any signs of stress. The wringer portion of the bucket is very well made with a stainless steel liner. The water that is removed from the mop via the spinning action is diverted back into the main bucket. I have used this system a couple of times now to clean my floors and the whole process has been pretty easy with no excess spillage of water.

I really like this spin mop system. Since I have arthritis in both of my hands and suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my wrists, it is definitely much easier for me to mop my floors using this system than it is trying to lug a heavy bucket around and wring out a mop by hand. This is definitely a 5-star product and I highly recommend it to everyone! I received this product at for a promotional discounted price in exchange for this review. All statements made in this review in regard to this product represent my own genuine and honest opinions.


Sir-Mops-a-Lot® Spin Mop

24 thoughts on “Great Household Tool!”

  1. I’ve seen commercials for this and have wondered how well it really works. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have a terrible back, so this sounds great for me!

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    1. It really is a great system and it will definitely make it easier on your bad back because it eliminates the majority of the bending!


  2. I’m obsessed with floor cleaning probably because my laminate is GROSS. It’s brand new but gets dirty if you just look at it. It’s so annoying. I own more mops and floor cleaners than shoes. I love the look of this system!

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  3. Very great mop. You know I think it’s just too expensive to spend 62 dollar on a thing to clean the floor. I can understand however if you have physical problems that it’s a good idea.

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    1. Yes, the price is a bit expensive, but you do get what you pay for. There are several less expensive spin mop brands available, but they are not made as well as this one is. I have been thoroughly impressed with this. 🙂


  4. This is a very interesting product for people who like cleaning. 🙂 I am having back problems and I can’t bother vacuuming or mopping, so I just bought a robot that does that for me. 🙂

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  5. I’ve recently seen this spin mob (I don’t know if it was the same or a similar one) and I was a little skeptical about its use. Well, you have definitely convinced me that it’s a great product. I will consider buying it. Thank you!

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  6. I am just loving that spin mop cleaning system which looks quiet easy to use & providing the best results as well. Though the price looks high, I am sure it is worth spending on one such handy equipment for home.

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  7. Nice mop, will keep in mind for when we move into a place where I need to mop. Thankfully have a carpeted floor where I currently live and that comes with its own problems, haha.
    xx, Kusum

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