Just for Fun – Puzzles 9 & 10

Today will be the last of the puzzles that I have available for the time being. I will try to find more puzzles to post in the future since they seem to be quite popular with everyone.

As with the previous puzzles, the goal is to find six hidden words in each photo. Here are the two puzzles for today. The solutions to all 10 of this week’s puzzles will be posted tomorrow, so be sure to check back!!



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Solutions to All Puzzles

29 thoughts on “Just for Fun – Puzzles 9 & 10”

  1. On the top picture I see 4 words. The bottom I see 2 words. Sad that it is your last day doing the puzzles, however they have been fun! Looking forward to see what you have for us next 🙂

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  2. AHH I’m so proud of myself for getting all 6 in the first photo straight away! I’m struggling with the second though…I have got 4 so far! You should definitely carry these fun little puzzles in the future

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