Just for Fun – Puzzles 3 & 4

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Most people really seemed to enjoy the two puzzles posted yesterday, so I will continue with two more similar puzzles again today. Yes, I do realize that these puzzles are not all that difficult to solve, but they were originally designed for children. Still, a few minutes of fun mental exercise never hurt anyone! 🙂

Like yesterday, the challenge is to find the six hidden words in each photo. I hope that you enjoy today’s selections. The solutions to all of this week’s puzzles will be posted at the end of the week.




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Solutions to All Puzzles

32 thoughts on “Just for Fun – Puzzles 3 & 4”

  1. Very entertaining for starting the day! I know you say this are meant to be for children but it is actually a good brain exercise.

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  2. I remember I used to do this every morning. In fact, I had siblings at home so we used to wake up early just to look out for the newspaper and solve the puzzles and games before anyone else picked it up.


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  3. These are such a good way to get the mind and eyes going. In the top picture, I can see three words. I don’t know if its just my eyes but I only see one word in the bottom picture. Fun post and a great way to engage with readers!

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  4. I’ll need to look at the answers at the end of the week! This exercise highlights my lack of patience (my son says “Patience takes too long.” I would never admit this to him, but I am the same way!

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  5. I love puzzles! Especially those which are colourful and lots of details. It’s a good exercise for brains, or perhaps just some fun to relax doing something different 🙂


  6. Puzzles are always so much fun & age really does not matter to it. I love when kids involve in to solving such puzzle as it helps increasing their general knowledge & learn something new!


  7. Ooo – I used to love these types of puzzles as a kid. I think it’s really clever how they hid the words in the rain scene – like the word ‘puddle.’ Not too easy, but not too hard.


  8. These puzzles are great for kids! I showed it to my son and he had fun looking for the words. And he’s now wanting more like these.


  9. I love picture puzzles and word finds, this is great! what a wonderful idea to share this on your blog, wish I would have thought of this : )


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