Art Car Parade (Part 1)

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On Saturday, April 16, 2016, my husband and I had the opportunity to go see our first Art Car Parade. We had heard about them and seen snippets of them on the news and in the newspapers but had never had a chance to attend one for ourselves.

There was quite a variety of Art Cars and Low Riders in the parade. I figured it is just best to let the art of each vehicle to speak for itself. Here are some of the Art Car entrants:


Longhorn Limo No Artist Name Given


Longhorn Limo No Artist Name Given


Victory Over Sin by David Best


Our Lady of Transportation by Amber Eagle


Reflections by David Haim


Pop Art by Cherie Smith


Abstract Painted VW Van by Drew Bettge


Shattered Vanity by Nicole Strine


Echo Muerte by Kristie Odorn


Papalot by Jewelz Cody


Hero Car by Jewelz Cody


Sentrasaurus by Perri Harper


Map of Time and Space by Rebecca Lowe


Dinomyt by Roy Marsh


Ghost Slipper by Ty Eckley


A Little Bit of Nonsense by Randy Blair


Peacock Car by Mark Garrett

Be sure to check out Art Car Parade (Part 2) for more whimsical and creative automobile designs!

33 thoughts on “Art Car Parade (Part 1)”

  1. I have literally never heard of Art Car before and for a minute I had to think what is Art Car whilst I was looking at the pictures. I then realized that it really was what it said it was – art on cars! Ha ha – sorry I’m in Europe and have never heard of this before. The cars look great and a lot of work has gone into them my fav is the yellow one by Dinomyt.

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  2. Oh my gosh, they actually look so nice, don’t they? Especially when you’re standing next to one and then you see the details.

    Now admiring is one thing, but owning one is another thing – LET’S GO DYNOMYT!!!

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  3. What an interesting event! I like the Ghost Slipper best, I wonder how that car can actually function. It’s definitely “home made”. In my town there is a car parade every Friday in summer and all spring, summer and autumn, a motorbike gathering every Tuesday, where thousands of bikers come. It’s really cool actually. For the cars, they change the theme every Friday so you never know what you’re going to see.

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    1. I do not know if having an event like this is popular in any other country. Other than Texas, I know there is also an Art Car Parade in Maryland and Minnesota. I know that the one held in Houston (the weekend before it was here in my city) is the oldest and largest Art Car Parade. It may very well be where it all started. This year marked the 29th annual Houston Art Car Parade.


  4. I’ve never heard of an art car parade before! Very interesting and surprising, I might say. The person that thought of this event, had a vivid imagination, for sure. So, did the participants! Great photos. A very unique experience, thank you for sharing it.

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  5. Have never heard of this kind of car parade. We have been to motor show in Geneva twice. This is completely different and must say creative.

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  6. My goodness, this is amazing, I have never seen anything like that before. The cars are absolutely beautiful, the Victory Over Sin & Longhorn Limo are the gorgeous ones among these. Would love attending one such event.

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