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Taking a look back on a few events that has taken place on April 6th in previous years.

1954  – The first TV Dinners were put out for sale. Several smaller companies had tried to market the prepared meals that would become coined as TV Dinners, but they all failed. The first company to successfully market these new frozen convenience meals was Swanson. The first TV Dinner meals to come onto the market consisted of turkey, cornbread dressing, peas and sweet potatoes.


1965 – The first commercial geosynchronous communications satellite was launched. The satellite was named Intelsat I, but was nicknamed Early Bird, and it was built by It was the Space and Communications Group of Hughes Aircraft Company. This important satellite was the first move towards live, on-air coverage of important events. The first major live event that the satellite broadcast coverage for was that of the splashdown of the Gemini 6 spacecraft on December 26, 1965.


1975 – After 45 performances, the musical “The Rocky Horror Show” closes its Broadway run at the Belasco Theater in NYC. Later that same year in August, the film adaptation of the show, “The Rocky Horror Picture” Show, is released by 20th Century Fox.


1980 – After a year of consumer testing in a select market, the familiar Post-It Notes were released for sale on this date nationally across America. A year later, the product was introduced to the Canadian and European markets. Originally, the notepads all had lines and were only available in yellow.


1998 – Well-known country music singer and song-writer, Virginia Wynette Pugh, better known by her professional stage name, Tammy Wynette, passed away on this date in her sleep at her Nashville home at the age of 55. It was later released that she had died from a blood clot in her lung. Wynette was called “The First Lady of Country Music” and is best known by her 1968 number one hit song that she co-wrote, “Stand by Your Man.”


23 thoughts on “THIS DAY IN HISTORY ~ APRIL 6”

  1. I love looking back on history, it’s always been something that intrigues me. I can’t believe people ate those TV dinners, I wonder if they tasted good? Ps, Rocky Horror show is one of my favourites!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Considering that TV Dinners are still around 62 years later, I guess that those first dinners must have tasted “good enough!” 😉

      I really like Rocky Horror, too! So, when I came across it during my research I knew that I HAD to include it in my list! 🙂


  2. I have seen a documentary on the tv diner meals and to be honest, they looked disgusting. I don’t really know how they succeeded, I would have never bought anything like that, haha.

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    1. I agree that it IS amazing how some items actually make it and become successful. I do not eat TV Dinners, but I do remember eating them occasionally when I was younger. Then again, back then the food was most likely much healthier and not full of so many preservatives and fillers like they are today.


  3. I have fond memories of TV dinners!! (Not the packaged kind though..) Of course they’re not that great for the family but I still loved them as my favourite show was always on at dinner time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have done several “This Day in History” posts and they always seem to get a very positive reaction. I do plan on getting them up more regularly. I am glad to see that you like this type of information, Trish!


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