Adjustable Metric Measuring Spoon

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Being an avid cook and baker, I have been coming across more and more recipes that have ingredient measurements give in metric units. Yes, you can convert milliliters and grams to American Standard units, but the conversions are not 100% precise. On some recipes, using precise amounts of various ingredients can literally make your recipe a culinary delight or culinary disaster!


This adjustable metric measuring spoon has both the milliliters and grams in measurement markings. The graduated units range from 0.5 ml/g up to 13 ml/g. For those who may not know, 1 ml = 1 gram. Softly push or pull the slides to adjust to the proper measurement needed.



This handy metric measuring spoon will make it much easier for me to use recipes given in metric units because now I will not have to figure out the conversions first and my ingredient measurements can be 100% correct!

Adjustable Metric Measuring Spoon

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