Aromatherapy Locket Pendant & Bracelet Set


This aromatherapy locket pendant necklace and bracelet are absolutely beautiful! Not only does this jewelry give you a stylishly classic look, but it allows you to take – and wear – your favorite essential oil or blend! This set comes in a very nice gift quality box, with both the necklace and bracelet set on a flocked inlay, making for an impressive presentation!


Both the necklace and the bracelet are lockets that can open. Inside is the felt pad that you apply a few drops of oil onto. Place the pad back into the lock, close and you are ready to go! Each locket comes with six felt pads of varying colors, for a total of 12 pads. There is one Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red and White pads for each locket.


The necklace and bracelet are both of very nice quality. They are not too heavy, but do have some weight to them. They are NOT think and flimsy feeling! I am very pleased with the look and quality of this very nice jewelry set.



Hypo-Allergenic Rhodium Sterling Silver Aromatherapy Necklace Pendant and Bracelet

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