If You Use Knives, You NEED This!

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3-Piece Regnus Knife Sharpening Stone Kit

This double-sided sharpening stone is much larger and much nicer than what I was expecting! First off, this is no little lightweight item. Oh, no no no! This sharpening stone and its accompanying wooden base weighs in at just over 2 pounds and 3 ounces! In addition to the double-sided sharpening stone and wooden base, 2 rubber pads are also included. These pads fit on each large side of the stone (the top and bottom) to help protect its edges from chips during use and storage.


The sharpening stone is made from corundum. Corundum is a very hard and dense oxide mineral, of the hematite group, that is commonly used as an abrasive. This large double-sided sharpening is comprised of two sides sandwiched together. The coarser 1000 grit side is used to remove nicks and sharpens the blade’s edge and the smoother 6000 grit side completes the sharpening process by removing any burrs and finishing out the edge.


You will not believe the difference in your knives. Once freshly sharpened, they will handle and perform as well – or even better – than they did when they were new. Keep in mind that the duller a knife is, the longer it will take to restore a sharp edge. Once you have sharpened your knives, be mindful of how sharp they are and handle them accordingly, as to avoid any injuries.


I am very happy with everything about this sharpening stone. It’s great to have my knives returned to being the sharp kitchen tools that I depend on daily.



Regnus Double-sided Sharpening Stone

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