What IS Reviewing Anyway?

If you have read any of the pages in this blog, you know that I review products.Therefore, you may be asking yourself, what is this review thing all about anyway?

I am pretty sure everyone knows what is a review is. You most likely have seen at least one or two posted on pretty much any product, service, store, restaurant, vacation destination, overnight accommodations, etc. You may have even written  some reviews of your own. Trip Advisor, epinions, and Yelp are examples of popular websites for service oriented businesses where anyone can write a review reflecting their personal view, opinions and experiences with a business.


I test various products and write reviews about them. The majority of my reviews are posted on Amazon, but I have written reviews and posted them on other sites, as well. Over the past 6 months, I have tested and reviewed things such as several types of dietary supplements, all kinds of face masks, creams, lotions, scrubs and serums, shampoo, conditioner, pet products, children’s toys (that I give to my grandchildren after I test and write the review), car products such as car seat cover and a tire pressure gauge, clothing and head wear for both myself and my husband, kitchen gadgets and cooking tools.


Since I started writing reviews full time, the first week of August 2015, I have ordered a total of 566 different items. At full retail price, these items would have originally cost a whopping $27,635.73. I did NOT pay that much! My cost was only a fraction of the full retail price! Even then, that amount is not the TRUE  total that actually came out of our personal budget because MOST of my Amazon expenses are covered by Amazon Gift Cards codes that I earn from various websites by doing surveys.

For those who may be interested, I will go into more detail on this subject in a later post. If there is anything in particular you would like more information on regarding this particular subject, please feel free to leave a comment or question to let me know!


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