Hello New Followers & Spring is Coming


I have had several new Followers start following this blog over the past few day. So, I just wanted to take a moment and Welcome each and every one of you! You are ALL very much appreciated and I am very happy to have you here! I truly hope that you will find my product reviews helpful and my personal rambling informative, enlightening, or at the very least entertaining! Please feel free to invite anyone you know to follow this blog, as well. The more, the merrier!


Daylight savings time begins in three weeks from today, on March 13. This makes me VERY happy! I know many people dislike daylight savings time, especially in the spring when you lose an hour of sleep, but I LOVE it! I much prefer having more daylight in the evenings.


Along with daylight savings time, comes warmer days and the flowers of spring. Here in Texas, that mean a beautiful array of color from the bountiful wildflowers we are blessed with. From bluebonnets to wine cups, we have some of the prettiest country landscapes around. At least in MY *slightly* biased opinion.  haha!



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