Small in Size But Big on Capabilities


I know that I am VERY behind in the technology area, but this device is the first one of its kind that I have owned. I never owned a MP3 player or any other digital music/video player before. So, I did have a bit of a learning curve when it came to figuring out how to operate and use this device. For someone who has never been exposed to or used such a device, this one is fairly straight forward with its operation.


For its compact, diminutive size, I am very impressed with everything that you can do with this device! The overall measurements of this digital player is approximately 2 ¾ inch tall and 2 inches wide and a mere ¼ inch thick. The visual screen is about 2 inches. This device weighs just slightly over 3 ounces.


With this tiny little player, you can download and play music, video, voice record, store photos, receive and listen to FM radio, as well as store e-books and games. With a 16 gig memory, you will a lot of space to store quite a bit of digital downloads. The video quality and music sound quality are both very good, in my opinion. I have been very pleased with the look, ease of use and performance of this player.


Blue Mini MP4 Player with 16 GB Memory

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