Personal Point of View – My Rant Against Obama

Barack Obama

The state of America today is in the toilet, thanks to President Obama. Under his reign for the last seven years, racial tension in this country has risen to levels of unrest that have not been seen in over 50 years! This man has done nothing to further this country’s progress, but has done plenty to undermine this country and the American people at every turn.


It is very telling when a sitting President aligns himself with those who has nothing but disdain for law enforcement in this country. He has had nothing but obvious contempt for the very country that has allowed him to excel to highest office on the planet. He should say thank you, instead he spits in the eye of every American at any given chance!


The BLM movement has done NOTHING more than to drive a deeper wedge between the citizens of America! Hare DARE the President not only condone, but actually PRAISE the actions of these people! What he calls Peaceful Protests, the rest of the country saw visual evidence that these protests were anything but peaceful! Setting fires, destroying property, rioting, looting and other senseless acts of violence should NOT be tolerated, let alone praised! BLM has absolutely NOTHING to do with Black History Month!


Obama’s legacy will be how he single-handedly set this country back decades in racial discord and has been slowly draining the spiritual, moral, economic and political life blood from the American people while trying his best to lead us in to a totally controlled socialist state of New World Order!


I truly hope that the next administration can turn the country back around and help to restore it to the once great nation that we used to be. I hope that the racial strife can somehow be resolved – or at least mended – and we can become a united people, as it should be.


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