Gel Pens Set with Storage Case


These gel pens are very nice to write with, as well as use for drawing and coloring. There are four different style of pen – pastel, glitter, metallic and pastel. These pens all have very fine tips. I would have liked to have had at least the pastel pens have a broader tip.


Most of the pens write and color very smoothly, but some of the pens feel more rough when you use them. Additionally, I found that some of the pen bodies have sharp or rough spots on them. I used a fingernail file to smooth those areas out so they did not hurt my fingers while using them.


These 36 gel pens come housed in a very sturdy plastic storage box. The pens snap into place inside the box. The box has three snap closures to keep the box closed securely. There are two snap closures on the end of the box and one snap closure on the top of the box.


Overall, I would say that these pens are not the best pens, but they are alright.


Lumify Gel Pens Set with Storage Case

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