Stylish Umbrella Made With High Quality Materials


This stylish umbrella is not some lightweight, cheaply made umbrella. It is very well made of quality materials and of substantial weight. The umbrella weighs slightly over one pound. It is about 13 inches long from end to end, when folded down. The canopy measures about 3 ½ feet across when opened. The ribs are made from an alloy metal, not aluminum. This is adequately large enough to provide sufficient coverage for you plus another person and anything you may need to carry, such as a backpack or a bag of groceries, while out in the rain.


The comfortable rubberized non-slip handle gives you a very good grip, even in the rain. This umbrella is very easy to open and close with a single push button operation. Once closed, the umbrella tucked away very nicely in its own slide on cover bag.


I am very pleased with the high quality and excellent performance of this umbrella. I keep this umbrella handily tucked away under my front seat of my car in case I get caught out in the rain unexpectedly.


Gloue Travel Umbrella

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