What Do You Want for Valentine’s Day?


Someone asked me what I hoped to get from my husband on Valentine’s Day. I didn’t even have think about my answer. My answer is simple – the same thing that I get from him every day!

My husband has to work Valentine’s Day evening, so a special dinner is out. My husband is not obsessed with his phone, so I don’t need a promise of an evening with no cellphone. I am dieting, so I don’t want any candy. Flowers make both of us sneeze. I don’t need or want over-priced lingerie or jewelry. I certainly do not want any kind of stuffed toy animal!


My husband and I just don’t bother with silly Valentine’s Day gifts and we haven’t exchanged Valentines gifts for many years now. My husband & I show our love and respect for each other on a daily basis. We don’t need a single over-commercialized day to remind us to show our love for each other!


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