Just Like the Old Saying…..


As Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Taxes – oh how I truly dislike them. Ever since I have become an adult, January has always meant the start of the dreaded tax season and all of the headaches and mountains of paperwork that goes with it!

The only up side to doing this year’s income taxes is that we will actually be getting a little something back for a change, but then almost as soon as it comes in it will be going right back out to pay – you guessed it – TAXES! Yes, we will get back a bit of our overpaid income taxes only to turn around and have to use it to pay property taxes. The worse part about is, what we get back isn’t even enough to pay all of the property taxes. So we have to scrimp to squeeze out more money for the next couple of months so we can get out already passed due property taxes paid off.


It’s not like we live extravagantly, far from it. Our house is almost 60 years old & needs tons of updates. We have one sub-compact car that my husband drives for work. We rarely go anywhere. We don’t go to the movies and seldom get to go out to eat. We just never seem to have enough income to cover all of our expenses.

I used to have a full time job, but my body and my health started to deteriorate and a traditional 8 hour job was no longer possible for me to manage. Yet, I am not “sick” enough to receive any sort of government assistance that our taxes go to support. Ugh, ugh, ugh!

I am just glad that I have finished and filed our income taxes for this year. At least that major headache-giving, stress-me-out chore is done for another year!


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