Convenient & Portable Fabric Storage Cubes


These Aristocrat folding storage cubes are made very well. They are constructed with sturdy cardboard covered by a thick, durable, canvas-type fabric. Although these cubes are very sturdy, they are also very lightweight and easy to carry. The have handles on each side for easier carrying. Each cube measures 11.5 inches wide by 11.5 inches tall by 11.5 inches across – so they are a true cube! These cubes fold flat very quickly and easily for storage, when not in use.


I am using these cubes in the truck of my car to hold groceries and other items that I pick up while out shopping. Not only can I keep my purchases organized and together so they do not slide and spill out in the trunk, the cubes also make it very easy for me to carry in a lot of things all at once, cutting down on the number of trips that I must make between the house & the car when taking everything in. I am VERY happy with these storage cubes!!


Aristocrat Foldable Fabric Storage Cubes, 2-Pack

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