Relaxation Herbal Tea

With the change in my hormones after going through menopause, I have found it more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. This lovely herbal tea blend has solved at least the issue not being able to fall asleep. Each of the ingredients in this vegan herbal blend are caffeine and gluten free.

The herbal tea contains 100% organic ingredients, including chamomile, cinnamon, peppermint, red raspberry leaf and valerian root. Each of these ingredients has been chosen because of their relaxation and/or sleep promoting properties. To brew, Place 1 teaspoonful of tea in infuser or cup. Pour hot, but not boiling, water on tea and let steep for at least 3-5 minutes. I don’t mind a stronger brew, so I will generally start drinking my tea after about 10 minutes and will leave the infuser in the cup until I’m almost done with the tea.

I find the mild flavor of this herbal tea quite nice & drink the tea as is, without any additions. I have found that drinking this tea within an hour of going to sleep has greatly helped me to sleep more deeply and for loner periods of time.

A nice free gift is included with the purchase of this tea. You will receive a doubled-sided plastic measuring spoon. One side of the spoon measures 1 teaspoon and the other side measures 1 tablespoon. The measuring spoon contains two tiny magnets. I keep my spoon conveniently placed on the side of my refrigerator.


Day Is Done Relaxing Blend Herbal Tea

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