Adorable Unisex Fedora for Almost Any Age


I am really not a hat person. In fact, I haven’t worn any sort of hat since I worked in fast food YEARS ago! However, I saw this hat & it just so cute, I couldn’t help myself. I just had to have it. My biggest concern about buying this hat online was would it fit me. I have a small head, compared to most. When I worked in fast food, I had to wear a Youth size, otherwise the hat would fall down over my eyes. Sizing was my main concern, since this hat is “One Size”.


I was very pleased to discover that this hat has a small ribbon on the inside that you can tighten to make the hat fit a smaller head. From the outside, you can not even tell that the hat has been adjusted. I did notice that there were some complaints about the hat arriving folded, which it does. I simply unfolded the hat & brought it into the restroom with me while I showered. The steam from the shower faded the fold lines and now you can’t tell that it ever had been folded in the first place.

I really love this cute wool hat and I have received many complements while wearing it! This adorable hat is very reasonably priced and available in different colors.


Wool Fedora

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