Snap Together Stacking Compartmental Lunch Box with Utensils


We are really impressed with the Bento Lunch Box. It is not only practical and roomy, but is also looks awesome! I ordered the blue set and it really looks so nice in person. This great lunchbox is made with non-toxic, food grade Polypropylene and silicone. This makes for a very sturdy, yet resilient, box that will not be broken easily.


This set includes two containers that stack and fit together. One container has dividers that form three inner compartments, while the other container does not have any dividers. There is a small third thin layer than contains the 3-piece utensil set, which includes a plastic knife, fork and spoon. The utensils are made of much thicker plastic than normal disposable utensils.


The entire lunch box stacks together and is held together with a cover that clicks into place on two sides.  My husband used this box to take his lunch in every day last week and he really likes it!


Bento Lunchbox

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