Every Driver Should Have This Compact Digital Tire Pressure Gauge


The Ryder Tools Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is a very handle gadget for anyone who drives a vehicle to have on hand. It is very ergonomic and fits in your hand quite well. The finger grooves and non-slip surface are designed to help provide a firm grip on the gauge. This gauge is battery operated, which the battery is included. The gauge comes out of the package ready to use.


This tire pressure gauge is simple to us. Remove the tire’s valve stem cap, press the button to turn on the tire gauge and attach the gauge to the valve stem. The easy-to-read digital readout is instantaneous. After 30 seconds of non-use, the automatic shut off will turn off the gauge.


This is a great, compact, easy to use tire gauge that everyone should have keep their car in the console or glove compartment. I am very pleased with the ease of use & functionality of this product.


Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

One thought on “Every Driver Should Have This Compact Digital Tire Pressure Gauge”

  1. This is seriously a great tool. The other day I felt like one of my tires was low and I couldn’t find my tire gauge. I ended up just putting air in my tires but it would have been easier just to have one of these to check! I love that it is digital!


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