The Perfect Pillow for Those with Allergies or Asthma

I can not even begin to tell how comfortable my new Shredded Memory Foam pillow is! I knew that it was going to be comfortable because I have a memory foam bed that I absolutely love. This pillow supports my head & neck very well, whether I am lying on my back or on one of my sides. I suffer from asthma & allergies & I have not woke up being congested or stuffed up since switching to this pillow.

The pillow comes compressed and rolled up very tightly. When you first remove it from the box, it looks much more like a bolster than it does a standard bed pillow. After you un-wrap the pillow, it will take several hours for it to fluff up to its normal size. Once the memory foam has had time to fully relax, the pillow is about 7 inches thick.

The side-zip closure bamboo/polyester blend covering is very soft next to my skin. I was able to put a standard pillowcase on this pillow. However, due to the thickness, I did have a bit of a struggle to squeeze the pillow into the case!

I am very pleased with the quality and comfort of this Relax Home Life pillow! I highly recommend this pillow to anyone looking for a well-made, high quality pillow that will serve them well for years to come.

Bamboo Pillow

Queen Sized Bamboo & Memory Foam Pillow

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