Cute Kitty Approved Antique Newsprint Pattern Pet Bed

Pet Bed

My kitties ALL love our new Oxgord Plush Fleece Pet Bed! Sometimes they will take turns napping in it & other times I will see more than one trying to worm his way in! They all took to the bed right away.


And why wouldn’t kitties like it?!? It’s so soft & cozy! If it were much bigger, I would even be tempted to curl up in it! The neutral color of basic cream with the black “newsprint” pattern allows the pet bed to work with most any décor. The old fashioned newsprint theme gives the bed a very fun, nostalgic look!


I order the medium sized bed, which measures about 20 inches by 24 inches. The bed is about 5 inches deep. The quality & workmanship of the bed seems to be very good. The “antique newsprint” fabric feels very sturdy, but not rough. The fleece is deep and cozy. My cats really seem to like it & so do I!


Medium Sized Fleece Cushioned Pet Bed

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