Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Grinder Mills Are Stylishly Functional

Kitchen Classique S&P

My new Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Mill Pair are as functional as they are stylishly modern. Each mill is comprised of a clear glass base with a brushed stainless steel top which houses a ceramic grinder. The mills come apart in the center of the by unscrewing the top stainless steel grinder portion from the bottom glass portion. The mouth of the glass jar part is very wide, allowing for easy filling with coarse salt or peppercorns, as well as easier access for cleaning.

Kitchen Classique S&P

To use, simply turn the unit upside down. With the glass bottom on top, grip the stainless steel portion and turn the glass portion. This action will dispense the ground product. By adjusting the knob in the center of the grinder, you can control how coarse or how fine the salt or pepper being dispensed will be. The included stand increases the beauty and functionality of this pair of mills. The stand not only keeps the pair together as a tidy set, but helps to make them easily portable, as well.

Kitchen Classique S&P

These high-quality, well-made Salt and Pepper Grinder Mills should provide me with many years of service. I am very satisfied with both the look and the performance of these mills.


Stainless Steel Slat & Pepper Grinder Mills

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