I Love My New Colorful Silicone Kitchen Tools!

4pc Silicone Utensils

One of my latest reviews was for a Set of 4 Devine Delights Silicone Cooking Utensils. In my normal daily cooking, I have truly have enjoyed using these tools. The 4-piece set includes a Red Spoon, an Orange Spatula, a Green Brush, and a Multi-Colored Whisk. I really enjoy the bright colors! They add such a fun pop of color to my counter top kitchen utensil holder!

4pc Silicone Utensils

These tools are each very well made with a sturdy, well balanced feel. They are not too light weight or thin at all! They are made of silicone, so they are flexible, yet quite sturdy. Being made of silicone they do not slip in your hand, plus they are heat, stain and odor resistant. These tools clean up super easy in soap & water! I can see myself using & enjoying this set for many years to come!

4pc Silicone Utensils

So far, I have been very pleased with the performance of each of these high quality utensils! It is good to know that these utensils are covered by a No Questions Asked 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back 1 Year Guarantee. I doubt that I would ever have to actually use the guarantee, but its always nice to know that it IS there, just in case.


Divine Delights Silicone Cooking Utensils

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