Well Designed, Highly Functional Car Organizer

Auto Trash Bag

I recently received a great Automobile Trash Bag by MyAlfredo. Not only is this a super functional item, but it is very stylish, as well. Although it is labeled as a “trash can”, I do not plan on using it for that purpose. I intend on using it more for organization & storage purposes. There is ample room in this product for plenty of storage. The outer fabric seems to be made of some type of high quality canvas. The main pocket has a waterproof liner.

There is a larger zippered pocket on the front, large enough to hold several CDs or DVDs. There are mesh pouches on either side for water bottles, etc. My husband & I LOVE the tissue holder, since we ALWAYS carry a box of tissues in the car. Now, we have a specific place to store them! The tissue pouch is attached by a very thick, sturdy Velcro strip. So, it is easy to remove, should you not want to utilize it.

Auto Trash Bag 1

The trash can unit is super easy to install & took me less than a minute to put in. It attaches to the back of the front seat by placing a strap over and around the head rest. There is another strap with a hook located on the bottom of the unit that you use to secure it to the bottom of the seat. This keeps the unit from moving around and keeps it steady. I am very pleased with this high quality product and I am sure that it will serve me well for many years to come.


Premium Car Trash Bin

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