A Cutting Board That is Beautiful, Functional & Sustainably Eco-Friendly!

Zesty Nest Cutting Board

Today, I reviewed this really nice cutting board, made by ZestyNest. Not only does this well made cutting board look beautiful, it is an ultra-hygienic, naturally anti-microbial, and eco-friendly product.

Although this looks like a nice, typical, two-tone hardwood cutting board, this one is actually constructed from the finest Moso Bamboo. Moso Bamboo  is one of the fastest growing bamboo sources on earth. Bamboo is actually a grass, which makes this an abundant, easily sustainable organic resource.

This cutting board is quite sturdy, yet very much lighter in weight, as compared to a standard hardwood cutting board of similar size. This cutting board measures 11” Wide by 15” Long by ½” Thick. It features a drip edge that runs all the way around to help catch juices from running off of the edge of the board. Bamboo is naturally water repellent and doesn’t absorb water the way most other hardwoods can. Therefore, when you clean this cutting board, your cutting board is receiving a thorough and sanitary cleaning.

Since bamboo is a grass, this cutting board will resist nicks & cuts. Additionally, because this cutting board is made from bamboo, it will prolong the sharpness of your knife by not dulling it as quickly as a cutting on a traditional hardwood cutting board does.


Zesty Nest Bamboo Cutting Board

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